Behavioral Addictions

Conceptual, Clinical, Assessment, and Treatment Approaches

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Hi all, I am really excited to let you know that my latest book titled ‘Behavioral Addictions’ has now been published by Springer. This book offers a unique international perspective on ten unique non-substance addictive disorders. I would like to thank all colleagues who contributed to this book as without them publishing the book wouldn’t have been possible at all.

The book ‘Behavioral Addictions’ provides a holistic evidence-based perspective on conceptual, clinical, assessment, and treatment aspects of key non-substance-based addictive disorders related to: gambling, gaming, social media, smartphone, internet, love, sex, exercise, work, and shopping.

Each chapter focuses on a different addictive disorder and is structured in a user-friendly way to enable the reader fast navigation, yet the main aspects of the respective disorders are covered in the necessary depth.

All in all, this book offers a timely, self-contained introduction to both key concepts and the latest scientific developments in behavioral addictions. It addresses mental health practitioners, researchers in psychology, neuroscience and communication, and undergraduate and postgraduate students alike.

Further information about the book can be found in the publisher’s website 🌐

Dr. Halley Pontes
Dr. Halley Pontes
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

My research interests include addictive behaviors, psychometrics, and cyberpsychology.