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Struggling with video game addiction? Meet the GAIR App!

Back in 2014 myself and other colleagues published the first Internet Gaming Disorder screening tool in a study that was published in the PLoS ONE journal. The Internet Gaming Disorder Test or IGD-20 Test is a pioneering psychometric test has been extensively used as a diagnostic tool for video game addiction in a number of countries, such as: The United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain, Lebanon, Turkey, Portugal, Australia, and Greece. Due to its novelty and usefulness, the study of the IGD-20 Test has been cited nearly 100 times (as of 13/10/2017) and the screening tool itself used across several scientific studies investigating Internet Gaming Disorder worldwide. One of the advantages of the IGD-20 Test is that it not only assesses video game addiction but also allows the identification of “high engagement gaming”, which may reflect excessive patterns of video game play but in essence is not an addiction.

Since video game addiction is gaining increased recognition as a potential mental health disorder from the American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization, providing help to those in need of help has become paramount. In 2011, South Korea has created the “Cinderella Law” that forbids children under the age of 16 to play online video games from 12am to 6am in a desperate attempt to curb video game addiction.

I am pleased to inform that gamers or parents seeking information or help with videogame addiction can now download the GAIR App and use it as a resource for gaming addiction. This app was developed by a colleague from Kingston University in London with my help and I am very proud of the final result. The GAIR App can be downloaded for free from the App Store through this link and has its own website where further information can be found. I would encourage anyone in need of specialised information on gaming addiction to download and share the app so it can reach other people that might need help with gaming addiction.

My special thanks to Tatiana Pavlova (Kingston University, London) for having the creativity and initiative to transform raw research findings in something useful to those in in need.

Dr. Halley Pontes (PhD, CPsychol)